Denture Prosthesis

What is a denture?

Dentures are materials which fix the teeth and surrounding tissues that have material loss.

What is the aim of denture?

In denture while the patient’s missing functions are being regained, fixing the collapsed talking and a better estetic appereance are also aimed. Thus while the dental health is being fixed, patient’s psycological situation is also supported. Because these patients forget how to laugh. Thus besides from functional problems, the self confidence gets damaged. The dentures are aimed to increase the life quality higher.

Dentures for missing teeth are generally two types:

FIXED DENTURES like bridges which made on remaining teeth and can’t be taken off by patient

Metal supported ceramic crowns: Porcelains processed under a special metal infrastructure.
Prostheses without metal support: full aesthetic crowns on ceramic substructure. Empress11, zirconium oxide, inceram crowns, laminate veneers are the full aesthetic porcelain options that we successfully apply in our clinic without metal support.

2.REMOVABLE DENTURES which can be taken off by patient whenever they want.


Can we fix esthetic with dentures?

If patients are unhappy with their smile, then they might visit to dentists. Broken, color changed or dislocated teeth have a negative effect on esthetics. Thus dentures can save these cases.

What is an implant?

Implants are metal structures made of stalk titanium or titanium alloys that are surgically placed in the jawbone of patients who lose their teeth. They are used to replace the lost teeth of the patients and to achieve the aims described previously with prostheses.

It is the placement of implant into the jawbone. In recent years, this treatment option, which more patients want to benefit from, is also applied by specialist physicians in our clinic.