Dental Tourism

DENTAL turızmdental tourism, is living and oral and dental health problem they present for treatment of people seyahatlerdir.avrup and people who can not treat their rising treatment costs because of the country in the United States abroad, the health standards in Turkey the same level as Europe, to be close to one in four by the cost of treatment in these countries , the historical structure of our country’s cultural structure prefers our country for health tourism. Your x-ray is examined and after the first interview in our clinic, our patients are given detailed information about all alternative treatment options, treatment duration, procedure and cost. After the patient has approved the treatment, your appointment can be adjusted and your treatment can be started quickly.

The documents that must be brought with our patients who will come for VIP MYDENT treatments: Passport and ID cardHome address, contact information, e-mailAir ticket (for free transportation in the city)


Implants; The treatment period of our implant patients is 2-5 days. The implant is then allowed to fuse to the bone, which is 2 to 6 months. When the prosthesis over the implant is started, the required period is 5-8 days. Esthetic Dental Treatments (Gülüş Design); Aesthetic Dental treatments are generally completed between 5-8 days. Bleaching: 45 min (1 or 2 sessions) Prosthetic treatments: 5-8 days.