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One of the most important things that people care about is their teeth. If your teeth are bad and you don’t have a beautiful smile, you’re psychologically affected. You try not to show your teeth while laughing by pulling yourself to the background. On the contrary, if you have a beautiful smile and a series of teeth, your self-confidence increases. You can express yourself better with more beautiful smiles.

What services do you offer in your practice?

We provide services in all branches of dentistry. We have services related to pediatric teeth that we call pedodontics , canal treatments that we call endodontics and orthodontics. Apart from these, we have services that we call prosthesis, fixed and removable prosthesis options, aesthetic dentistry and implantology . As an aesthetic application, we apply smile design and whitening. We apply all kinds of dentistry applications in your clinic together with our specialist physicians .

What is smile design and how is it applied? Who should prefer smile design?

One of the most important things that people care about is their teeth. If your teeth are bad and you don’t have a beautiful smile, you’re psychologically affected. You try not to show your teeth while laughing by pulling yourself to the background. On the contrary, if you have a beautiful smile and a series of teeth, your self-confidence increases. You can express yourself better with more beautiful smiles. We provide this as follows; First of all, the patient comes to us and we take profile photos and oral photos. Then we take measurements and analyze. We are looking at how we can make this patient’s smile design and how we can make her smile more beautifully. We then mock up the patient and show him how to do it on the models. He can see it in his mouth the same way. After this process, we go into practice. If the pink aesthetic is stuck, we first fix the gums with laser. We can then switch to white aesthetics and make very small cuts for laminates, or we can complete the process with aesthetic approaches that we call lens laminated without cutting any teeth that are currently in demand today.

We also have a work called bonding system. In this system, we provide an aesthetic smile design with fillings by providing connection with an intermediate material on the teeth without ever cutting the teeth of the patients. This process is more economical than other laminated processes. We also try to make our patients who are not in good economic condition happy. With this process, we are able to achieve beautiful smiles.

Smile design is said to have damaged teeth. Are the teeth damaged during this application?

Smile design is never damaged teeth. Now we provide these aesthetic procedures with very little loss of material from the teeth which is the last point of dentistry. If you ask me what these could be? For example; The patient’s gums may be very visible, and we can correct this by laser gum leveling . Or the tooth color may be very bad, so we can correct this image by applying the whitening process. Other than that, there may be defects in the axis of the teeth, or there are colored fillings and there is a gap in the teeth. We are able to provide smile design by applying what we call very thin lens laminated on them.

Implants are our common applications in today’s technology. But it must be done in expert hands and in the right places…

In which situations do you consider implant application appropriate? Can we get information about the implant ?

The implant is a screw system placed inside the jawbone that mimics the patient’s teeth. At this point, bone thinning is very important… First, x-rays and tomographies are taken and examinations are performed. If there is enough bone formation, we can implant . Our technology has improved so much that we can solve the bone problem and apply the implant process even in patients with very bad bone structure . If the patient does not have any teeth , we can offer a fixed prosthesis option by making 7-8 implants to the entire jaw . While our patients are wearing total prostheses that are removed and removed before, we are able to dent them with a fixed prosthesis where they can eat more comfortably, speak more comfortably and achieve a better aesthetic appearance. In addition, there is a lack of teeth between the right and left teeth without cutting and damaging an implant between the patients can fill the toothless cavity again. Our systems have developed so much that we are able to send off the patient’s teeth to the patient’s teeth after loading the implant without waiting in some cases.

So, should we talk about the costs for those who want to have a smile design or implant ? How much does it cost on average?

We are able to provide affordable prices for every budget. The laminated and smile system is a bit economically high, but we don’t turn our patients down. We give them the bonding system I just mentioned . In this way, the price can be reduced by half. Implants need to avoid quality. Good implant is useful. If cheap is preferred, our patients may have problems in the future so we recommend good implants .

Should teeth be cleaned before bleaching? Tooth cleaning is suitable for which teeth? Can this be done anywhere?

We remove plaques from the patient’s mouth before bleaching. Certain- k l e calculus expression among our people have misconceptions about the housekeeping. Does dental calculus damage our teeth? I hear this question too much. This procedure does not harm the teeth of our patients. We perform cleaning by breaking dental stones with special ultrasonic tools. Then, as they brush their teeth, we remove the stains on them by polishing them in a slightly different way. This process is absolutely no harm to the teeth. If the calculus is not cleared, gum disease will start and then tooth loss may occur.

Shall we talk about bleaching? How do you apply bleaching?

The patient does not need a beautiful smile design. It has a beautiful array of teeth but is unhappy with its color. We can do this with a 1 hour process in our examination environment. With the chemical agents applied on the teeth (these are absolutely agents that do not harm the teeth), we can open up to two tones of tooth color.

Everyone wants to spend a long life with healthy teeth, but what is the secret of healthy teeth for a long time?

Our first key is brushing teeth ız We must brush teeth correctly and effectively. It is very important that we brush both our teeth and gums correctly. Although most of us don’t know, we should also brush our gums for gum health. Non-brushed gums become inflamed and gum diseases occur. A healthy gum cannot bleed and is rose pink. In addition, flossing can be routinely performed. Our second key is that we should go to the control once every 6 months even if we have no complaints to the dentist .

What method do you correct when the jaw structure is broken?

Orthodontic treatment is a form of treatment that starts from 10 years of age and continues until adulthood. We have been using fixed wires for years in orthodontic treatment. Now, as an alternative to these, we have a new application called transparent plate. In dental cases not related to the jaw, we receive very good feedback. We take a measurement from the patient’s mouth and send it for analysis. An analysis of how many plaques can be corrected in dental disorders comes from. This is the first state of your teeth, and this is the final stage of the computer in case that we tell the patient. We’re telling you how many records he has to wear and the time. Because each plaque is stuck on average for 2 weeks. The number of plaques is determined according to 8-9-10 cases and we have completed their orthodontic treatments . Since these plaques are transparent, the mouth is also not noticed and the patient is at dinner, etc. in special cases. It needs to be worn 20 hours a day, especially during sleep. The course of treatment varies from 3 months to 9 months.

What do you think our country attaches importance to dental health compared to abroad?

I can say that abroad goes far ahead in this regard. Because preventive medicine is sitting there. They have reduced the decay to zero by raising children’s awareness of dental health at a young age.

We are a little behind, but we are hopeful; I hope we’il be better.

What do you want to say to those who choose or intend to choose dentistry? Let them love their profession and be selfless. If they do it with love they will succeed in this field. Pay attention to patient relationships. Let them value their patients and put themselves in the patient’s place.